PSE-PEPG Joint Meeting

‘Carbon Cycling: from Plants to Ecosystems’

16 – 17 October 2014psepepgflyer
University of Manchester

The meeting was very successful and included a great deal of interesting discussions on a range of science spanning different scales and ecosystems.

Keynote addresses were given by Aimée Classen (University of Tennessee and Natural History Museum of Denmark), Lisa Wingate (French National Institute for Agricultural Research), and Howard Griffiths (University of Cambridge).

The full programme and abstract booklet is available for download:

PSEPEPG Abstract Booklet (pdf)

You can also click here to view all talk and poster abstracts, with affiliations and contact details, on a webpage.

Tweets from the meeting have been curated in this Storify story.

The poster session and reception were supported by a generous contribution from Wiley.  Student poster and presentation prizes were provided by the Society of Biology.

4 thoughts on “PSE-PEPG Joint Meeting

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